Monday, February 2, 2009


I never had an epiphany that I wanted to be a doctor. As long as I can remember, it has always been a noble profession to me. I had great reverence for our family physician as a kid growing up on the US East Coast. I still recall him even driving through heavy snowstorms to make house calls just to give us penicillin shots when we had strep throat. So, as I matured, it just seemed like the natural profession for me to aspire to. At this point, I’ve probably seen “one of everything” since I began practicing Medicine in 1974.

I started out in Internal Medicine, then spent 20 years as an Emergency Doc. I worked at Pritikin in Nutrition and Natural medicine, and have been a Director of weight loss programs and fitness programs, a professional sports team Doctor, served on many medical advisory boards and now am Medical Director of an Integrated Alternative Medical center. After all these years and different hats I’ve worn, one thing stands out as a core belief—the human body works best when treated naturally.

The Natural Medicine approach that I use encompasses many disciplines. Nutrition is at the foundation of Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine is the technology that seeks to understand the underlying cause of an illness rather than merely treating its superficial symptoms, regardless of how severe they may seem. Sometimes, a symptom may be as simple as a food allergy. At other times, it can be a hormone imbalance.

The advent of natural bioidentical hormone replacement for men and women has served a tremendous need in terms of slowing the ageing process. An entire discipline of medicine called Anti Ageing Medicine is now evolving. Combining this powerful tool with Natural Medicine, Functional Medicine, acupuncture, nutrients, herbs , diet and a sound fitness program, I believe can correct almost any imbalance in the body—unless there has already been too much damage sustained. After 35 years in medicine, I am convinced that the more natural the approach to the human body, the better the outcome. I look forward to using my blog as a forum to discuss my perspective on health and wellness, and want to thank everyone for reading and posting. Please email me at to let me know if you have any questions or ideas about issues that I should cover in the future. Welcome!

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  1. I heard you speak about sugar on one of your teleconferences and wondered if you could talk about it some more in the future.