Sunday, February 15, 2009


I’ve read some pretty ridiculous health claims, but this one takes the cake. I saw an article recently in the US publication, The Week, about a study done in the UK that reported a link between increased frequency of sex and masturbation and their role in causing a higher risk of prostate cancer. Now, I’ve heard old wives tales about masturbation causing mental illness, blindness—and even warts on the hands—but never that masturbation causes prostate cancer. Even worse than that, the study claims that men in their 20’s and 30’s who masturbate—or God Forbid—have sex at least 4 or 5 times per week, must have higher hormone levels.

The study then jumps to the conclusion that these highly sexed men are more prone to get prostate cancer due to their unusually high hormone levels. I think this study is ludicrous. First of all, there is no evidence anywhere that men with high hormone levels are more sexual. Secondly, there is a mountain of evidence that men with LOW testosterone are at significantly increased risk of prostate disease and cancer. Testosterone has been shown unequivocally to be health promoting in men, and in particular, lowering the incidence of prostate cancer.

Furthermore, I have never found a correlation between testosterone levels and libido. Over the years, I’ve seen many men with high testosterone levels and low libidos—and vice versa. There are, in fact, a preponderant number of studies showing that the prostate is much healthier and has reduced risk of cancer with increased frequency of ejaculations. I don’t know who did this study, but they must have had a prudish approach to health. My advice is to have as much sex as you can and masturbate as much as you want. Your prostate, among others, will thank you.

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