Saturday, March 28, 2009


I am on a men’s team. We meet every Tuesday night to support each other facing life’s challenges. Whether it’s business, financial, family or relationship issues, we are there for each other like a band of brothers in a completely safe and trusting environment. It is amazing to me how many men on my team are having continuing problems relating to the women in their lives.

Additionally, it is amazing how many men have been divorced at least once. As a result, there is a wealth of experience in this area and a huge amount of collective wisdom. It makes me wonder why it is so difficult for men and women to get along in long term, committed relationships. There is no simple answer since there are many different dynamics at work here.

Most of the men in my circle have done The Men’s Weekend with Justin Sterling of the Sterling Institute. This is a powerful weekend workshop that transforms men into the man they want to become and who their woman would cheat on them to be with. Does this make sense?

I believe we need to work hard on our relationships. They do not happen by themselves. We live in an ever-evolving, complicated society where the original laws of attraction between the sexes are distorted by work, financial pressures, family challenges, and an ever changing dynamic of male and female roles in society. It is important for the sake of good relationships to get back to the roots of what brings male and female energy together to create a lasting bond. It simply takes hard work.

There are other good workshops out there, too, that can help. One my girlfriend recommends is called, “Understanding Women, Celebrating Men.” I am planning to do this workshop later this year and will report back to you. I would strongly urge all men to do the Sterling Men’s Weekend, to help get your mojo back, and become the man both you and your woman want you to be.


  1. For every man that has been divorced, there is a woman that has been divorced too. Watch how you word things and celebrate women for a change.

  2. This whole thing is for the birds. No sleep for the initiation weekend, men running around naked...give me a break.

    Get a life.

  3. Dr Howard,

    i appreciate you sharing about the benefits of being on a men's team. One of the things i see almost on a daily basis with the men i work with is that women are somewhat of a mystery, no matter who successful the guy is. I'd love for you to check out the work i am leading in Boulder and in SF.. We make us of a team of women's coaches that come day two of our men's weekend. Would love to talk to you more about it and have you even attend the next one to check out the work. My desire is for men to show up more present and powerful and to own their desires for women as they arise.... Here is the site.. Let me know if you are open to a conversation..